Vyshyvanka is an unbreakable force of the rich history of the whole human race, encoded in a combination of ornaments and colors

If we undertake to create anything, then we do it unsurpassed

Vyshyvanka (Ukrainian: вишива́нка [wɪʃɪˈwɑnkɐ]) is a Ukrainian embroidered shirt, which is an element of the national costume of Ukrainians. The people of Ukraine have long believed that the patterns embroidered on the vyshyvanka will be able to take the trouble away from the owner and bring good luck. The embroidered shirt is called the "oberig" of the nation

An "oberig" in the Ukrainian language is a thing that protects the owner from adversity and brings good luck.

Vyshyvanka is not just clothes

In our own Art Workshop for 30 years we collect and restore ancient ornaments and embroidery techniques that have survived since the time of our great-grandmothers.

Did our ancestors make sense of the pattern? Definitely.
Svargs were embroidered for family happiness, Trypillia signs for protection and eternal life, diamonds - for wealth and fertility.
An incredible dance of embroidery and pattern techniques

Therefore, the vyshyvanka is first of all a family amulet. A thing that must be passed down from generation to generation.
Creating a real embroidered shirt requires high spirituality and unsurpassed skill
Here you can not only buy a ready-made exclusive embroidered shirt, but also to realize your boldest idea, to leave the manifestation of your soul for the future generation, choosing:
  • a pattern
  • embroidery techniques
  • fabric
  • model
  • colors
  • determine individual sizes.
Ukrainian embroidered shirt is not limited by time or space when it is creatied by a master of his craft.
Many embroidery techniques, signs and symbols it is powerful amulets which can encode truly magical functions.

The ancient pattern can still look state-of-the-art today.
Especially when it is done manually. Incomprehensible force draws attention to hand embroidery.

The most important and longest stage of creating a Ukrainian dress or shirt is embroidery.
From 100 to 600 hours can take the work of a master.
The process of birth of the Ukrainian vyshyvanka
Search and selection of fabric for embroidery, the appropriate interweaving of threads and colors and shades
Creating a sketch, compositional selection of colors
We embroider a sample, change the colors if necessary
Checking the compatibility of colors in the embroidered sample, if necessary, change the colors or color (shade) of the fabric for the most harmonious combination
Takes the most time, there are about 200 hand embroidery techniques. One embroidered shirt takes from 100 to 600 hours or more.
Creation of a design and manufacturing of patterns
The difficulty lies in the correct combination of modern cut with traditional Ukrainian patterns
Tailoring and finishing
Some products are assembled by hand

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